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LIKA has developed components and a means for youth preparing for post secondary and later working lives. The process includes learning from knowledge of personal strengths, and building a personal brand backed by portfolio evidence. LIKA’s contribution to this process is its Personal Learning Profile (PLP) and its skill cartridges.



LIKA’s PLP is designed to help individuals to better understand how they learn best. It takes three elements and combines the results, the outcome being summarized in the form of a 4 quadrant chart.

The three elements are: the personal learning style; the preferred intelligences from a list of nine; and the individual’s own personal interests such as hobbies, sports, and the arts.

LIKA’s skill cartridges are set up for the individual to build strengths over several years. Each skill has steps to consolidate and demonstrate this skill growth. The skills are: Self-Management; Team Work; Thinking; Networking and Communication; Information Management; Learning; Design Process; Design Thinking.


Michaele Marie Robertson

Michaele Robertson, B.A., M.A. (T)

Michaele is a highly-respected teacher of English, and has held senior responsibility posts in three schools, finishing as Principal of the University of Toronto Schools. There she partnered with the U of T’s Munk School to found the Global Ideas Institute, now expanded and involving many GTA schools. Central to her tenure at UTS were the issues of continuity and the pressing issue of the school’s property agreement with the U of T. She retired at the end of her five-year term with both issues moving positively forward. At Upper Canada College she led the Creativity team and was Head of the Upper School, Programs. She led the introduction of the school’s learning resource program, realized through the $6,700,000 gift of the Wernham-West Learning Centre.

At Hillfield-Strathallan College, she was involved with the whole program, and co-directed the first of the very popular musical productions. She rose to become Academic Director, and a leader in the school’s transformation from schooling to learning.

Michaele was Chair of St Peter’s Hospital in Hamilton. Currently she practices largely in the strategic planning and governance fields, and is on the boards of both the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools and the Muskoka YWCA.

Barry Wansbrough

Barry Wansbrough B.A., M.Ed.

Barry started his career at Upper Canada College, becoming Head Coach of the senior football team and Senior House Master. He moved to Hllfield-Strathallan College, Hamilton, as Headmaster in 1969.

During his tenure at HSC, the school doubled in size and academic achievement, eliminated its debt, and became a leading IT and progressive school.

When he retired from HSC, he moved with Michaele to Toronto, setting up various enterprises that had short lives. More successfully, and with major family support, in 2003, Barry founded the Peer Tutoring Organization, now known as Licensed to Learn, (L2L), and operated by the international foundation, IDRF. It operates in 90 school in the GTA with some 4000 student participants.

Barry was associated with many organizations in Hamilton including Rotary, the Community Business Advisory Committee of the DeGroote School of Business, the MUMC Clinical Ethics Committee, and the founding of the Hamilton Wentworth community e-network.

He is currently Chair of the Program Committee at Rosseau Lake College.

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