Personal Learning Profile

Welcome to LIKA’s Personal Learning Profile self-assessment tool.

What is the LIKA Personal Learning Profile (PLP) exactly?

The PLP consists of three parts: your learning style (LS) in terms of concrete to abstract and verbal to graphic, your preferences in a list of multiple intelligences (MI) and your main personal interests. On the following pages there are short exercises for the LS and MI and then a summary result bringing it all together.

How can the PLP help me as it has hundreds of others?

There is a file in the Apps tab linking you to how you can use the PLP information to your advantage. It also has sections on how to organize yourself and to learn better.

With the PLP, the goal is to understand and to build from your strengths and interests, not your failures!! Learn from failures and build on strengths.

Make sure you make a copy of your summary PLP by taking a screen shot on the Mac or print screen on a PC. Keep the PLP in your portfolio.

Let’s get at it….Your PLP.


Let’s Begin

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